Your House Solution specializes in purchasing single family homes for renovation and sale or long-term hold. We also use our specialized skills in market specific renovations and have the experience, expertise, and resources to provide significant value and pride of home ownership to the consumer.

We finance all of our acquisitions with private lender financing. Our lenders benefit from attractive interest rates, sometimes tax-free, and are completely secured by the equity in the property they are financing.

If you’re interested in putting your money to work safely and productively in Central Florida real estate,

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-Gordon and Cherie have not only proved to be exceptionally proficient in creating real estate solutions for their clients, but also have a sincere interest in developing quality relationships with everyone they meet. –Richard

-Gordon was a pleasure to work with and clearly outlined the conditions and interest rate of the loan agreement. In addition, I was pleased to note my rate of return was higher than initially agreed upon. –Beverlee

-Thanks for helping put our IRA money to work. I am glad we are a part of the team. Be sure to check with us whenever you have projects going and need funding. We’ll be more than happy to work with you again! –Tina